Instructions For Title Agents

Instructions for Title Agents

Title company agents should follow this procedure for resale or re-fi certificates from Long Canyon Phase II & III Homeowners Association:


Before you prepare to submit your request, please make sure you are submitting to the correct HOA. There are 2 Long Canyon HOAs: Phase 1 and Phase II/III. This is the site for the Long Canyon Phase II/III HOA.   If you are unsure which HOA the property you are dealing with is in, please contact


1.  Submit request for resale certificate or refinance only via RequestCertificate e-form (the form is also available under drop-down menu under Info for Title Agents on this website); the e-form may also be directly accessed at .  If you have questions about completing this form, please email the HOA Agent at  

All requests must include:

a.          the property address

b.          seller’s first and last name(s)

c.          buyer’s first and last name(s), current email address, and telephone number (cell okay)

d.         the date the certificate is needed

e.          closing agent’s name, phone number, and email


2.  Your request will be confirmed as complete once received.


3.  Upon receipt of the title company agent’s request, the property’s current status will be verified with the Treasurer and ACC chairperson, so appropriate documents are prepared.


4.  Requested documents will be provided via email within 10 working days of the receipt of request. Responses may be expedited, but a $75 expediting fee will be included in the final invoice. If expedited, responses will be provided as soon as possible on a best efforts basis.


5.  For a refinance, there is usually just a letter to the closing agent. 


6.  For a property transfer to a new owner, a Resale Certificate, Verification Document, and a letter summarizing directions to the closing agent will be generated.  Links to the following LC Phase II & III HOA documents, which are posted online, will also be provided. All documents are PDF files. Buyers must acknowledge receipt of these documents by signing the Verification Document.


a.          Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCRs)

b.          Current Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Rules

c.          HOA Bylaws

d.         Current annual budget

e.          Declarations page from Commercial General Liability Insurance policy


7.  The Phase II & III HOA fees are:

Refinance:                      $75

Change of ownership:     $300

Expediting:                     $75


8.  After closing, the title company is to remit any funds due the HOA via check made out to Long Canyon Phase II & III HOA. On a resale, also include the executed transfer certificate, verification document, closing statement and (very important!) updated contact information for buyer (both email and phone number) if not previously provided.