The Long Canyon Community is at the gateway to the Texas Hill Country, about ten miles northwest of downtown Austin, with homes that blend with the natural beauty of the Hill Country and Austin's ecological and greenbelt preserves. The community -- developed mostly in the 1980s and 1990s in stages that were designated by the developers as Angel Pass, Long Canyon Phases I, II, and III, and Park 22 - has a common entrance, shares a similar range of demographics and regional concerns, and in essence forms a single “neighborhood”.

While this website is underwritten and maintained by the Long Canyon Phase II & III Homeowners Association, it is operated by and for the benefit of all residents in the entire Long Canyon community, regardless of what HOA or development designation is associated with their houses. All residents in the community are invited to access, share and exchange information and to participate in all the activities that make our neighborhood special; our website is uniquely dedicated to facilitating those goals. This is the PUBLIC side of our website; general and public information for website visitors, including title company agents requesting real estate-transfer information, and instructions to residents for requesting access to the private side of this website, are found here. This information may be accessed by the tabs on the horizontal menu bar above and their drop-down menus.

Long Canyon Phase I HOA now has a separate website, and Phase I owners and others may click here to access that website for Phase I-specific information.  Phase I HOA members are encouraged to "opt-in" to access the robust private side of this community website, even if they also are authorized to access the Phase I-specific website.  The info in the box to the right explains how.

You're Invited...

...to join the PRIVATE side of our community website!  If you are a resident of Long Canyon -- regardless of where you live -- you may gain access to the wealth of information found there, which is designed specifically to be used by and useful to all Long Canyon residents.  To join requires only a simple authorization by the Website Administrator, since this part of the website is password-protected and involves a log-in process. If you don't have a log-in authorization yet, click on and follow the INSTRUCTIONS of the drop-down menu item under REQUEST LOG-IN on the horizontal menu bar above. If you already have an authorized log-in, just click on RESIDENT LOG-IN on the menu bar.